Sales conditions Cr-Art Auctions (extract)

-Sales Organizer:

Cr-Art Auctions CommV

Overleiestraat 126B, 8530 Harelbeke, België

VAT-number: BE 0805.389.119

Phone: +32 (0) 56 90 32 40


-The auction takes place according to the usual Belgian conditions for auctions.

-Cr-Art Auctions CommV acts as an agent for the seller.

-Bidding increments are:

0 – 100 Euro: + 10 Euro

100 – 300 Euro: + 20 Euro

300 – 1000 Euro: + 50 Euro

1000 – 1600 Euro: + 100 Euro

1600 – 5000 Euro: + 200 Euro

5000 – 15000 Euro: + 500 Euro

15000 – 20000 Euro: + 1000 Euro

+ 20000 Euro: + 2000 Euro

Alteration of the bidding increments are possible at the auctioneer’s discretion and can

not be disputed.

-The auction costs amount to 25% of the hammer price + 0% to 5% extra fee for online

bids on the website or extern auction platforms + a potential resale right. All sales are

binding and irrevocable.

-Goods are sold in their current condition at the time of assignment, information

provided is informative and not binding. Buyers are encouraged to inspect the goods

personally on the viewing days or request more details if anything is unclear. Complaintsabout condition, description in the catalogue, on website etc. will not be accepted after

assignment. After adjudication the buyer is responsible for his/her purchases.

-Any dispute occurring during or after the auction can only be resolved by the acting

bailiff/notary. His or her decision is definite and irrevocable. He may decide to recall any

lot, cancel any adjudication, during or even after the sale, for whichever reason. His

word is final.

-Cr-Art Auctions CommV is not responsible for any accidents during the exhibition, the

auction or when collecting or returning the goods.

-Anyone damaging goods during viewing days or at any other moment, is obliged to

inform us. Failure to do so may result in legal action.

-Collection of purchases is only possible by appointment in the saleroom after the

auctioneer has received full payment, collection dates will be announced individually

per auction. It is the buyer's duty to inquire about collection options. Goods not

collected within 14 calendar days, after the sale day, will be subject to a storage fee of 5

Euro per item per day, even if the payment is completed in full.

-Payment must be made no later than 5 days after the auction day.

We accept payments by means of:

-Cash (for amounts up to €3.000)

-By bank transfer on this bank account: (All fees should be handled by the sender)

IBAN: BE73 0019 6260 7060


Beneficiary: Cr-Art Auctions CommV

Beneficiary address: Overleiestraat 126B, 8530 Harelbeke, België

Bank: BNP Paribas Fortis NV

Bank address: Warandeberg 3, B-1000 Brussel, België

-By payment card in the auction room, if payment terminal available. (in the presence of

the card holder)

-Every buyer or interested party must correctly identify themselves using their name,

address, telephone number, eID, or passport and a copy of a credit card. Any person

who buys for professional purposes must provide his VAT number, an association orcompany must make known the statistics of the company. Your personal details will not

be shared with third parties, can be consulted at your request and may be removed from

our database on simple request.

-Each person is assumed to bid on his own account. Bids are binding contracts. In

default of payment, liability to another person will not be accepted.

-The international rules on copyright law (droit de suite) oblige us to require an extra

premium on the hammer price of original works of art made by still living artists (from

the EU), or within seventy years after his or her decease. The premium is required only

on hammer prices from €2.000. The amounts required are:

4% on the total amount from € 2000 up to € 50.000

3% on the amount from € 50000,01 up to € 200000

1% on the amount from € 200000,01 up to € 350000

0.5% on the amount from € 350000,01 up to € 500000

0.25% on the amount from € 500000

The maximum amount of the right should not exceed € 12500.

Even in the event where this resale right was not charged to the buyer, he may still be

obliged to pay this premium up to 5 years after the sale in order to comply with the

resale right. Lots with a resale right are stated in the catalog on the website with (*).

All info on Resale rights in Belgium can be found on

-In case of non-payment the lots may be put up for sale in a later sale. The non-paying

bidder will be obliged to reimburse the difference in case of a lower hammer price,

according to the Belgian law. He will also need to cover all costs related to the re-


-All goods must be collected from the auction house unless otherwise stated before

sale. All packaging or transportation costs, customs fees, insurance and other costs are

the responsibility of the buyer.

- Cites and import Regulations: Every buyer is supposed to know and comply with the

import regulations of his/her country of destination. The auction house can not be held

responsable for any problems arising with the export of certain goods, be they legal or

illegal in any country. Every buyer and seller is supposed to know the current regulations

regarding the sale or exposition of wildlife species, such as, but not limited to, ivory,

minerals, etc. but also for works of art partially consisting of such material. The auction

house denies any responsability in regard to possible seizure, destruction or penalties

imposed by Belgian or foreign governments.

-Disclaimer: All information regarding condition, sizes, estimated prices, etc. stated in

this catalog are always subject to modifications and publication errors.

-By taking part in our sales any person agrees to these conditions, be it directly through

us or through one of our partners which allow bidders to bid with us. Every participant toour sales is supposed to be aware of and comply with the full terms and conditions on

our website By any translation of the terms and conditions, the

Dutch version takes precedence. The auction house reserves the right to refuse bidders

or to request a deposit from certain bidders.

- The law of 15/08/2020 under Belgian law implementing European Directives 2018/843

and 2015/849 on the prevention of money laundering operations and/or the financing of

terrorist activities obliges all actors in the art and antiquities trade, including the auction

houses, to request and register the identity of all parties involved with an account

amounting to €10,000 or more. For a company, the articles of association or the identity

of the ultimate beneficial owners must be requested. All data is at the sole discretion of

the auction house and will be treated in strict accordance with the General Data

Protection Regulation Act.

-In the event of any arising dispute, the Belgian law applies and only the justice court in

Kortrijk has jurisdiction.